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Why You Should Have The Citizen App

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The world has changed a lot over the past few years. There was a time you did not have to worry about safety, and the evening prime time news was a reliable way to know what was happening at any particular time. However, the security landscape has changed, and people need to stay constantly updated about the rollercoaster of daily events in their locality. There is no better way to stay informed than getting the Citizen App. Here are some reasons to get it.

Understanding the Citizen App

The application has been around for close to six years now. It started in 2016, under the name “Vigilante”. The application promotes a sense of community in protecting people from potentially harmful situations. For example, the application will alert you that an accident has happened in a particular part of the neighborhood before the police issue an official report about it. Users are allowed to Livestream events and warn others of impending danger.

How the App Works

Citizen App uses antennas in major cities around to scan police communication. It listens in on 911 and other distress calls and replays them at a rate several times higher than the original speed. After confirming the facts about the incident, the app pings everyone within a specified radius of the incident. Typically, they will alert everyone within a quarter of a mile radius.

Installing the App

The app will request your permission to access your location during the installation. The app needs your location to alert you when you might be in danger. The app has a tracking application that tells you possible places you could get exposed to Covid 19. You can access a trained protect agent, share live broadcasts with others and even invite friends.

Staying safe in these uncertain times is your responsibility. The citizen app helps you have alerts of everything happening around you at all times for maximum security. Go to this page for additional information.


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