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 Mahmoud Khattab — 2022 Healthcare Outlook and why the Future is Now

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In addition to the new challenges presented by the pandemic, health care sector leaders are shifting their focus from responding to emergencies to increasing their emphasis on responding to and solving social and economic problems.

The revolution is currently being led by the digitization and sharing of health care data and the increase in cyber-security services. At the same time, healthcare workers continue to move towards more effective personalized, genetic, and behavioral medicine to improve their performance. These shifts underscore that the evolving health care landscape is continuing to evolve.

Technological innovation is also transforming the expectations of our health care systems and our personal and social relationships with healthcare providers. The health care sector has remained a necessary component of a functional society for thousands of years, both personally and economically. Health care is integral to a functioning society.

The human race has developed and transformed from a helpless, weak, and feeble, disease-ridden condition to the dominant culture of well-informed, resilient, and energetic individuals. The health care sector has also evolved from its foundation based on field medicine and surgeries. Such emphasizes the delivery of a range of routine medical services, wellness treatments, disease management, and hospital-based care.

Major sectors such as pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biopharmaceuticals, consumer healthcare, and telehealth and post-acute care will continue to enjoy double-digit CAGRs in revenue and share. At the same time, all regions will report growth in pharmaceutical sales, except in Asia, which will register a slight dip.

China, South Africa, and the Middle East will also report a decline in pharmaceutical sales, but all other regions will register growth. In terms of global demand, medical devices will continue to record solid double-digit growth, with Asia-Pacific leading the pack with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.5% between 2016 and 2021.

Our long-term health care outlook, which reveals the likely evolution of the market over the next five years, begins with the escalating incidence of infectious diseases and the evolving response from governments and other key players. This first section outlines the key players’ growth trajectories in health care, technology, and drug delivery, including the existing and developing markets for these products, services, and platforms.

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