Edgard Corona’s Success as a Fitness Entrepreneur

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Edgard Corona is popularly known for reshaping how people exercise, a journey he started when he joined a gym. Over the years, he has proven himself to be a successful entrepreneur since the single unit has grown to become a leading brand in the fitness segment in the country. Today, Bio Ritmo and SmartFit groups boast 480 gyms. He currently serves as the CEO of the fitness company, and under his leadership, the company earned around $1 billion in 2017.

Edgard Corona is not new in the entrepreneurship world as he started a material analysis laboratory and confection when still pursuing a degree in chemical engineering at FAAP. He later sold the two thriving businesses and joined the Corona family sugar mill to work in the chemical laboratory.

As the Bio Ritmo Group CEO, Edgard Corona has seen the company expand to different countries, including Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and the Dominican Republic. The fitness company has managed to circumvent all the challenges to become a leading brand in the fitness segment.

For instance, the first gym, Santo Amaro, failed to make profits for 12 years and was later demolished to create a subway. He was not scared by the hurdles and continued with his pursuit to ensure the company succeeded despite the setbacks.

He invested in different experts to steer the company in the direction, including an Australian to help with the sales and an American to improve the conversion rate. In addition, Edgard Corona and his partners hired an architect to establish a more sophisticated building that would attract more clients. However, after years of constant growth, the company started experiencing management issues, and they were forced to try a new model as the centralized and hierarchical model was not working for the eight gyms. He believes that SmartFit has the potential to increase its client base to 1300 units in the years to come. To learn more visit: here.

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