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 Vijay Eswaran has Powerful Insights into Effective Business Practices

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Vijay Eswaran, Founder and Executive Chairman of multinational businesses in Hong Kong, is a respected leader in his business practices that foster personal development, leadership, and positive life management. He notes that leadership is something that is earned, through insights and actions as they impact the lives of others. Eswaran believes that leaders seek to better both themselves and the world by taking ownership over their paths and the business environment. By delegating and showing compassion, leaders share the work in developing a strong sense of belonging and accountability. This in turn fosters self-belief and empowerment to tackle and reach goals to fulfill a purpose that serves a greater good with a team mindset.

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Vijay Eswaran also believes in addressing inequalities in the business world. He feels that men should join women in closing the gap in gender inequality. He shares that when women gain greater financial independence that companies are more likely to prosper as well as become more competitive with longer term profitability. By addressing inequalities, business leaders will have access to more talent and better allocation of resources to improve the economy globally. Eswaran shares that closing the gap between genders could increase the value of the global economy 26% by 2025, since research indicates that there is a strong link between economic growth and female empowerment. By hiring females at the executive level, companies can experience the benefits of innovative ideas and higher levels of leadership and company growth. Ihle also states that women’s entrepreneurship in companies of their own would even further narrow the gap, and business leaders should invest in them to accelerate their growth for overall market improvement.

Being a strong and compassionate leader, and one that works to close the gap of gender inequality, Vijay Eswaran believes that companies can successfully grow and improve the global economy. This in turn benefits all of society for a healthier financial future.

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