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The Story of Brazilian Civil Engineer and Entrepreneur, Haroldo Jacobovicz

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Haroldo Jacobovicz has had many roles throughout his career as an entrepreneur, an engineer, a student and as a businessman. In 2004, Haroldo founded Horizons Telecom as the first home phone company in Brazil and remains as a leader in the telecommunications market today. In 2006, he co-founded The Terakion Project, an organization that brings together leading information technology, financial and business professionals to solve business problems using technology and is widely considered the most successful start-up of the last decade.

Where is Horizons Telecom today?

Since Horizons’ first investment in 1998, Horizons Telecom has been constantly on the cutting edge of innovation and technology in providing smart telecom solutions. The company has several successful subsidiaries: HelioTeca, which offers multi-disciplinary solutions in VoIP, IMS, MPLS and managed services; Hibernia Telecom, which provides business continuity and IT infrastructure solutions; Horizon Comunicacoes, which specializes in HD TV and Multimedia on IP to MNCs; and Horizon Eletronica, which offers Fiber to the Home connectivity solutions and video production. In addition, Horizons Datacenter was created to create an environment where high-value data and valuable intellectual property can be protected and controlled.


Haroldo Jacobovicz started his career as a Structural Engineer at a company engaged in the design and construction of large hydroelectric dam in the province of São Paulo. This was his first work experience. He subsequently worked as a consulting engineer for seven years in the areas of process engineering, project management and planning. In the course of this work he led projects in the areas of electronics, sewage treatment and oil exploration. He later moved to the general construction industry, where he founded and was CEO of a company engaged in the design, planning and construction of public buildings. In 1999 he was appointed managing director of ADP Empreendimentos e Participações, S.A., one of the largest private construction companies in Brazil.

Advice to entrepreneurs

Haroldo: Most of my father’s advice was to work with the same principles as he had. For example, never listen to a negative voice in your head, and always make sure that you are fair with yourself. On being an entrepreneur Haroldo Jacobovicz said: I’m an immigrant, so I know the challenges immigrants face, especially the entrepreneurs, but I also know what it’s like to feel proud of what I do.

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