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Georgette Mulheir Efforts to Defend Haiti Democracy

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To protect Haiti’s democracy, Georgette Mulheir came up with an organization to advocate for the rights of the citizens. Since the election in Haiti was stalled, there has been widespread suffering of people due to organized gangs. The gangs team up with politicians to organize widespread massages and other types of atrocities. The organization championed by Georgette Mulheir aim at addressing such issues: 


Stalled elections Haiti elections in 2020

Due to different issues, the election was stalled in Haiti. There is no proper working local or national government. People lack essential services that the government is supposed to offer. They have been exposed to issues such as gangs that kidnap and even torture people. Human rights organizations such as the one run by Georgette Mulheir aim at making the international community know about the suffering that people are going through in Haiti. 


Lack of functioning democratic structures

There is a lack of working democratic structures in Haiti. The effects of the lack of democratic structures deny people the right to express themselves. There is a need for the international community to intervene so that people can avoid more suffering. The efforts made by humanitarian organizations led by global leaders such as Georgette Mulheir can be the only way for people to understand what is going on and act. 


Extreme violence and kidnappings

Some of the issues that people face in Haiti include kidnappings and extreme violence meted on them by organized gangs. Politicians have teamed up with the gangs to push their agendas while ignoring the democratic structures. 

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