Futurist Jason Hope Promotes Longevity and Stem Cell Research

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With the visionary mind of Jason Hope comes the analysis of stem cells and longevity. As an expert in anti-aging, he commends stem cell usage but feels that plenty more research needs to be done to reap the benefits. Read on for more about Hope and the realm of stem cells (Openthenews). 


Stem Cells Make Headlines

Although many groups and organizations have protested stem cell topics, other people see them as useful for eradicating diseases. Of course, this hasn’t stopped everyone from biotech giants to avid researchers from going forward with projects that include stem cells. With the evolution of technology and medicine making waves, Hope thinks stem cells will continue to be popular. 


Jason Hope

Hope Supports the SENS Organization

One of Jason’s most prized philanthropic devotions is the SENS Organization. The organization believes that stem cells are experimental until appropriate research can be done to prove otherwise and SENS Foundation takes care of it. Through this organization, Jason Hope supports long-term research and increasing health. His contributions to the SENS Organization aid in the research of degenerative disease, among other things. As SENS scientists push the boundaries of disease prevention, a large part of their focus is on stem cell intervention. 


Recognizing Risks and Benefits

The successful activist investor acknowledges all of the hurdles stem cell research presents, such as long-term side effects, but still sees the potential benefits as limitless. For one, Jason Hope explains, stem cells may have the power to help people be healthier longer. The struggle may be worth further exploration, especially where Mr. Hope is concerned. 


About Jason Hope

Jason Hope is a futurist, entrepreneur, philanthropist and investor with degrees in business and finance. While he may be passionate about longevity and anti-aging, he also believes in the power of technology to advance human existence. Besides developing a mobile communications company, he also invests in startups and develops grant programs.

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