Greg Blatt’s Road to Executive Success

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Greg Blatt has put together an impressive career by conquering a broad array of endeavors. Growing up just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, Blatt was raised by successful parents who guided him to be business savvy.

Blatt spent his college years at Colgate University earning an degree in English Language and Literature. Taking time to his path in life and the world as a whole, Blatt took on a variety of small jobs in various countries. Eventually, Blatt returned to the United States to finish his education at Columbia University.

Blatt started out as an attorney. He even represented Martha Stewart. Despite his start in law, Greg Blatt has become known as an executive working in the world of technology. He has spent the past decade at IAC. IAC, a holding company, has many important companies under its umbrella. Blatt has served as Chairman and CEO of IAC. He also held those same positions for Match Group and Tinder, both subsidiaries of IAC.

Blatt credits part of his success to his willingness to try new things while relying on his intuition. Running a dating app was a big jump from his days representing his clients in legal forums. However, his adept ability to solve problems led to the reversal of fortunes for The company grew economically and in the number of subscribers.

Blatt’s advice to aspiring leaders is to be flexible. Being flexible allows for seamless adjustments when the unexpected occurs. Blatt is against planning every minute of every day in advance. Instead, he keeps a largely open schedule to maintain that crucial flexibility he preaches.

Blatt also reminds leaders to provide clear ideas and vision and empower employees to bring those ideas and vision to fruition. Blatt warns against being so involved that it stunts the team’s creativity.

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