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How Pam Baer Learned To Trust Her Instincts

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Pam Baer has had a strong interest in psychology and spirituality since her late teens. She has been meditating since her 20s. An astrologer by trade, Pam Baer saw a need to help others become more mindful. She sought a mentor, and Dr. Sherri Walter, a certified shaman and parapsychologist, provided that support. Since then, Pam has taken her life-coaching career even further by creating a number of tools and resources for people who are interested in becoming more mindful.

Pamela Baer says she is thankful to the shamanic healing tools that she has learned through her path, which she incorporated in her business practices. Pam also credits her marriage to Larry for being the source of her is fascinating. She describes how she started practicing mindfulness at a young age after being diagnosed with bipolar disorder and then learning more about mindfulness and how it could help her as a woman living with chronic pain.

Pam Baer: I was at the Nurturing Mindfulness conference in Seattle and saw people really using mindfulness to be able to live their lives better. It was really compelling and showed me that I could be a part of that. Mindfulness is helping me have more connection and the ability to choose happiness.

Additionally, Pamela has offered her time and talent to countless nonprofits and non-profits throughout her lifetime. But the truth is, Pamela has always been a part of the philanthropy game. The first non-profit that she worked for was based on her family and her personal interest in homelessness in the 1980’s.

However, Pamela Baer has embraced the opportunity to help women be empowered and successful. In 2006, she established the Pamela and Larry Baer Foundation, a nonprofit that supports organizations working to solve women’s healthcare challenges. Pam married Larry Baer in 2012, who made his millions as the president and CEO of the San Francisco Giants. He earned his BA from Harvard University, his MBA from Stanford and joined the team as the team’s first employee in 1993. Visit this page to learn more.


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