Wes Edens and MLS – Vegas here we come!

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Wes Edens – co-owner of the Milwaukee Bucks – wants to bring a Major League Soccer expansion to Las Vegas. Sports business website Sportico reported on August 11, 2021, that Edens is attempting to secure a team, and he is not alone. He joins Bill Foley, who owns the Golden Knights, as well as billionaire Seth Klarman, in the race to bring a team to Vegas.

As expected in a deal like this, everyone is being tight-lipped. Representatives for Wes Edens as well as MLS declined to comment on the subject. The city of Las Vegas said through it’s spokesperson that no talks have been held with Edens.

Major League Soccer is expanding with it’s 30th franchise, which was previously intended to go to Sacramento, California. Let to that deal was Ron Burkle, who backed out in February and caused the league to begin it’s search again. Commissioner Soon Garber said that Las Vegas was on the short list of possibilities.

Just off an NBA championship with Milwaukee, Wes Edens already has ties to professional soccer. In 2018 he became co-owner of the English club Aston Villa. A year later that club was promoted to the English Premier Leave, where it has remained ever since.

Las Vegas has shown a lot of soccer potential in recent years. The city has hosted some large events. Sam Boyd Stadium hosted the 2019 Leagues Cup Final. The 2021 Gold Cup Final sold out Allegiant Stadium on August 1. The United Soccer League Championships Las Vegas Lights FC also calls the city home.

Lights owner Brett Lashbrook says there is a lot of interest in the Vegas market. “It’s a testament to how well the city supports sports,” Lashbrook said, asking how well they have taken to soccer, including the Lights and the Gold Cup.

Wes Edens bringing a Major League Soccer expansion to Las Vegas will be a major feather in his cap and a great boon to the city.

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