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It Is Best Time to Buy and Invest In Aviation Industry: Bhanu Choudhrie Says

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Pilot training has remained largely unchanged for the last 100 years. By evaluating data and trends for this new application, Bhanu Choudhrie says, We can apply the same methodologies to the production and operating parts of aviation that are currently applied to manufacturing and service industries. He said, “We can predict that the aviation industry will generate significant and rapid savings on training costs over the next decade.”

“The days of the human brain being the best way to think are slowly coming to an end. It’s difficult to describe how our world is going to be reshaped by artificial intelligence, but it’s essential to understand that these changes are coming fast and will impact every part of our lives. Now it is when you need to invest in the aviation industry and to look ahead for new innovations that will improve aviation safety and efficiency,” noted Bhanu Choudhrie.

Choudhrie also talks about how artificial intelligence could dramatically change how we train pilots. Bhanu Choudhrie also prides himself in his rich background of starting and growing businesses in the international market. In this interview, Bhanu highlights the factors that make him bullish about the aviation industry and he shares his vision for the industry.

Bhanu Choudhrie shares his views on this piece of commentary. He says, “The last conference I attended in Mumbai had everyone talking about going to India, both from the airline and the global airline perspective. Given the incredible response, and given the rise in passenger traffic, it is clear that many airlines want to open up their international flight schedules to India. I went to London to meet some of the private investors who are investing in India.”

“In Mumbai, I was looking for two groups of pilots. I wanted to find a group of pilots who would embrace what I believe is the future of the aviation industry.” If you want to do anything that touches the mobility of people or the freedom of the mobility of people, whether that’s flying across the world or even flying across the city, the speed at which we are all using it, then you have to make sure that we have the tools to be able to create solutions for it.” Refer to this article to learn more

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