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Joseph Ashford Path to Success

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There is no better way to succeed in business than by surrounding yourself with the right team. Joseph Ashford had grasped this concept from an early age. He understood both business and market needs since he had worked at all levels starting from the lowest during his employment period and worked his way towards the top. According to Ashford, the right team ensures that the business has people with different skill sets and experiences. As a result, the company is guaranteed more innovative and creative minds. Besides, Joseph Ashford ensures that his employees are constantly motivated to improve productivity and high retention level of their services.

Before Joseph Ashford could start K4 Global, which is based in London, he faced different challenges. However, the zeal to overcome the obstacles and turn them into something positive shaped his life and career. Ashford acquired a range of portfolios in marketing and shaping small businesses to succeed in different industries. When Ashford founded K4 Global in 2014, the company primarily focused on marketing. The experience and skills he had acquired while working for the other companies helped him steer his company towards a successful path and more

Since its inception, the company has grown to be a multi-dimensional firm. With its headquarter in London, the company has a portfolio in event management, real estate, strategic marketing, public relations, and crisis management. The company has also ventured into media providing services in both music and film production. Joseph Ashford believes in establishing a strong company culture for the business to be successful. Ashford believes that a company is only as strong as the company culture it has. For a company with a strong culture, employees tend to understand what standards they should hold. People nowadays perceive company culture to be the fun creating that they ought to have in the business. However, business leaders like Ashford understand that it takes more than fun activities to have a strong company culture.

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