How Payam Banazadeh Has Inspired Change Through Capella Space

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Payam Banazadeh is the founding partner and CEO of Capella Space. The satellite imaging firm is based in Silicon Valley and has remained operational thanks to venture capital funding. At the time when Payam Banazadeh chose to create Capella Space, the disappearance of Flight 370 from Malaysia Airlines had just hit the headlines. The flight disappeared on its way to China from Kuala Lumpur.

Although there are assumptions to the path of this flight, there are no records of its precise location. In an internet-connected universe, the disappearance of this flight remains a puzzle. Payam Banazadeh was one of the people that saw the need for an innovative system. The idea was to closely track the surface of the earth for any changes and interesting details.

Flight 370 significantly demonstrated that such a system was lacking. The acknowledgement of this problem saw Payam Banazadeh and his partner invent a new concept. They used a satellite constellation to frequently track the universe and offer crucial observation-driven details. Using these satellites, companies around the world have gained a better understanding of various subjects.

Organizations now understand food shortages, environmental changes, and infrastructure usage. It was from this concept that Payam Banazadeh developed Capella Space. In the past, optical satellites were used to keep tabs on the surface of the earth. Such satellites work in the same way as cameras, getting an image from a reflection of light on the earth’s surface.

Background Details 

Although the public has been fascinated by the incredible images captured by these satellites, the applied tech has considerable restrictions. With nearly 75% of the earth obscured at nighttime or by clouds, these satellites have access to the remaining 25% of the surface. Such limitation inhibits the ability of the satellites to offer the necessary data in real-time. With this in mind, Payam Banazadeh incorporated SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) tech as a way to monitor the surface of the earth.

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