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Evvy Introduces the First at-Home Vaginal Microbiome Test

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The first at-home vaginal microbiome test is here, and it’s revolutionary. Evvy is leveraging metagenomic sequencing technology to deliver personalized, accurate information about your vaginal health.

Evvy was created to help women maintain optimal vaginal health and assist with diagnosing vaginal infections and diseases. When it comes to determining whether you have a healthy or unhealthy vaginal environment, Evvy is the most effective, accessible, and affordable tool. Women deserve no less.


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1.Vaginal Health

An estimated 75% of women will experience at least one vaginal infection or disease. This includes bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections, trichomoniasis, and bacterial vaginitis.

There’s no cure for these infections, but learning how and why they occur gives women the knowledge to prevent them. Evvy is designed to provide men and women with that understanding. It’s a free and confidential tool that can be used at home to educate yourself about your vaginal environment and then share the results with your doctor.

2.About Vaginal Microbiomes

There are over 100 trillion bacteria that live in the human body. However, only a few hundred of these bacteria reside within the vagina. The vagina is also home to a unique environment with a unique microbiome.

While different strains of bacteria are found in the vagina, four main types populate it:

  • lactic acid bacteria
  • Prevotella
  • SneathiaE
  • Gardnerella.

Each type serves a specific purpose.


Evvy is the first at-home, personalized vaginal microbiome test. The self-testing kit is easy and clinically accurate. For a limited time, Evvy is offering two tests for $69, which is a savings of 50%.

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