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Leen Kawas Opens Up About How Being a Mother Made Her a Better Leader

Becoming a mother can sometimes be seen as a negative in the professional space, particularly for those in America.

However, Dr. Leen Kawas says that, in her experience, nothing is further from the truth.

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Her time as a mother has made her exponentially more effective as a leader, something that she’s grown to treasure in the many roles she’s expected to fill.

As the co-founder of Athira Pharma (formerly M3 Biotechnology), she talks more about the connection between her personal and professional life.

Blending the Best of Both Worlds 

Leen Kawas has learned that while keeping your work separate from home does have its perks, there’s also a lot of value in letting skills from one area cross into another.

Being a mother has made her more motivated, as she wants to give her children a reason to be proud of her.

It’s made her more persistent, as she’s learned to take on challenges from across the spectrum.

It’s also made her more empathetic, as she’s learned more about how to interpret other people’s feelings.

After developing this skill for small children who can’t always articulate what they’re thinking, it’s easier to help subordinates who can open up about their struggles.

Growing in Confidence 

Confidence is a trait that all leaders need to have to be effective in their work.

If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, it will be difficult to ask others to do the same.

Dr. Kawas has found that being a mother and handling all kinds of situations has made it possible for her to make better decisions faster.

She’s also able to respond on the fly, correcting mistakes as need be and minimizing negative results.

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