Liu Qiangdong On Exhibiting Selfless Acts In The Community.

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Liu Qiangdong On Exhibiting Selfless Acts In The Community.

Liu Qiangdong was born in a remote village in China. He grew up surrounded by his parents and also his grandmother. Life was not the best in the village as they lacked essential commodities like water. Though poor, he was interested and dreamed of a better life. He was curious about what always brought a change in the community, including story buildings. He excelled after he sat for his entrance exams. Later had a life-changing encounter after he gained admission to the Peoples university of China.

He later got a job at an herbal supplement company. Equipped with the expertise of running a business, he tossed himself into the business world. Though he had tried his hand in the restaurant, it had failed. Aiming for change, he put zeal by renting a small space for his Magneto-optical goods. The business was booming before he was affected by the SARS epidemic later.

The leader never lost hope as he strategized on the best move to keep his business afloat. Through his computer skills, he would later focus his business on technology. Therefore, was born in 2007. Since the company has been among the most impactful companies, that has changed many people’s lives.

Through his found success, Liu Qiangdong has stood his ground for the less fortunate people. He has been back and forth to ensure that kindness is spread through given. He showed how leaders should also serve others, especially during the Covid pandemic. Around the globe, he helped various countries with the many challenges that came along with the pandemic. He offered monetary support, food, and medicine, among other support, to various initiatives in China, Hongkong, and Europe, among other countries.

Even during the lockdown showed his support for various residents like those in Pudong New Area. He went on to launch the autonomous delivery robots that would make deliveries. His humble beginnings have been integral in molding him to value other people, especially when they need assistance. Liu Qiangdong has been celebrated around the globe for his unmatched love for the local communities.

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