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Andrew Frame Takes User Feedback Very Seriously

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Andrew Frame is a serial entrepreneur who has created something special in Citizen. He created the mobile app in 2017 but has also been a part of successful ventures since the early 2000s. Citizen is an app that allows people to combine 911 intelligence with location information, which has helped to keep many people safe.

Andrew Frame spent most of his earlier career focusing on learning network infrastructure. He worked with Cisco Systems when he was just 17 years old and later went to work with the Global Center of Expertise. While working with Cisco, he earned dual CCIE Certifications, and he was the youngest in the company ever to do so.

Andrew Frame was born in Las Vegas but spends most of his time in New York and Los Angeles. The idea for Citizen was born when he realized he wanted to do something on a big scale that would change the world for the better. He saw that the world needed a free product that used technology that could keep people safer. This is exactly what he created in Citizen.

As a successful entrepreneur, Andrew Frame feels that it is his passion that drives him to be as productive as possible. Instead of drawing on business books or technology for inspiration, he has found that literature and poetry have served him well. He actively encourages those he works with to focus on their hobbies when not at work and introduces new team members to their coworkers by talking about their hobbies.

Mr. Frame believes that a lot of his success has come from listening closely to the users of his product. He wants to know how his customers are engaging with the Citizen App and what they like best about it. He also tries to uncover what else they would like to see included, and this is just part of what has made his venture a successful one. See this page for additional information.


More about Frame on https://ecorner.stanford.edu/contributor/andrew-frame/

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