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Abdulla Al Humaidi the seasoned entrepreneur

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Abdulla Al Humaidi is an affluent business individual. Successful investor Abdulla Al Humaidi started in the medical arena before venturing into the business world. The business front is lucrative for him, and his company is involved in different projects. One of the recent projects that Kuwaiti European Holding is engaged in is commercial real estate. The project is based in London and sits on a vast piece of land. 


The project is a theme park that is estimated to be in operation in the next two years. The theme park will be opened in two different stages, one after two years and the next phase expected to be in operation for the theme park in the next five years. For Abdulla Al Humaidi, the idea of the themed pack was born five years ago, but due to mismanagement and other operations mishaps, there has been delay in commencing the project. 


The outstanding theme park is an estimated source of employment once it is completed, and the hotel is an expansive establishment hosting thousands of guests. The interior and the theme behind the park are based on the century’s science fiction. Additionally, as successful investor Abdulla Al Humaidi states, the creation will feature six themed gardens with a distinctive feature of its own.

Despite the hurdles, the project is expected to be opened in the next two years. The theme park is a massive investment that is expected to take up a lot of resources equally. It is estimated to be a tourism and leisure project that will return the money invested. Additionally, Abdulla Al Humaidi has ventured into the sporting area. His company is involved in Ebbsfleet football club. The seasoned entrepreneur is happy to give back to the community through ownership of the team.

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