Edgard Corona Spearheads The Brazilian Fitness Market

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Edgard Corona is the owner of a large fitness club chain in Latin America. Clubs offer both low-cost and premium fitness membership clubs for consumers to enjoy. This meets the needs of both lower-income earners and the original high-end fitness club consumer, giving people a great way to work out within their budget. Known as the Smartfit gyms, these gyms are located throughout Brazil and the whole of Latin America.

Corona studied engineering at a Catholic university nearby. After graduating from college, he got a job as a chemical engineer, but in the 1990s, he again changed his career path when he resigned from his engineering job to head up his first fitness club Bio Ritmo. In 1997 he opened his second gym in Brazil and has since grown the company to be one of the most popular fitness facilities in the country.

Corona mentions, “I decided I didn’t want my clubs to feel like health clubs – I wanted them to feel like restaurants. For this reason, we were able to furnish the club with a lot of comfortable seating and make sure that we had space for socializing and conversation before and after class – not just during classes.” It is the level of comfort that has made the clubs housed under the BioFit corporation to be so successful.

At the time, Brazil experienced high inflation, which made it difficult for Bio Ritmo to profit. However, the company still had great sales numbers due to its efficient business practices. We had to pay almost two and a half times the cost of gym equipment because of the high import taxes at the time, and our prices fluctuated on nearly a daily basis. Even so, Edgard Corona made it work.

Edgard Corona found a way to make his gyms profitable by hiring experts. This allowed him to start building more gyms and making money from the success of the new ones.

Today, BioFit flourishes; last year, 52 new SmartFit clubs saw an opening in Brazil. The pandemic has substantially reduced growth plans, but the SmartFit Gyms are in the black and will continue to be so in the future to know more click here.

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