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Associates Optimistic as Fortress Investment Group Plans to Make an Investment Agreement with Colony Capital

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The Fortress Investment Group is one of the leading private equity companies in New York City. The firm offers a range of financial services to clients in various industries. These include liquid hedge funds, private equity, and credit funds, among others. Vital sectors like financial services, venture capital, hedge funds, and finance have significantly benefited from Fortress.

Since its founding in 1998, the Fortress Investment Group recorded some of the most sustained growth rates in history. Today, the financial services giant enjoys an incredible diversity, making it among the most reputable in New York. Fortress boasts outstanding industry experience and serves at least 1500 clients in different parts of the world.

Recent Developments

Following a recent announcement, the Fortress Investment Group could soon sign an investment agreement with Colony Capital. The move has seen the expectations among the Fortress’s associates go so high. The partnership is a lucrative deal that would see Fortress Investment becoming one of the Colony’s biggest investment partners.

Besides being a key partner, the New York-based private equity firm will become the primary manager of most Colony’s businesses. One of the businesses includes non-digital real estate with an estimated total value of 2.7 billion dollars. Fortress Investment Group will gain control of over 30 account positions in the non-digital real estate sector on signing the agreement. The sector comprises at least 100 different properties situated in the United States and Europe.

The European countries where the properties are, include the UK, Ireland, France, and Spain. Interestingly, the arrangement won’t be a win only for Fortress but also Colony. Noah Shore, the Managing Director at Fortress Investment, indicated that both organizations were very optimistic that the agreement would result in sustained growth and bear many fruits.

According to Mr. Noah, the deal with Colony Capital would earn Fortress more potential clients and enhance value addition in all relevant portfolios. On the same matter, Noah Shore explained that all the benefits were possible because the Colony’s operations are the same as Fortress’s.