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Tan Min Liang, CEO of Razer: "We want to make ourselves redundant"

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Tan Min Liang is the CEO of Razer, a company that makes computers and gaming accessories. He’s also the brains behind “Project Linda,” an innovative laptop that doubles as a touchscreen tablet. The idea for Project Linda came to Tan when he was playing with his phone while waiting in line at Starbucks—and thought about how much time people spend looking at their screens throughout the day. So what does this have to do with conversion rates? Well, by making life easier for gamers who want more from their laptops, Razer can help users convert into customers instead of just loyal fans.

Tan Min Liang founded Razer in 1998, and the company has grown exponentially since then. But like many early-stage entrepreneurs, he had to figure out how to market his product without any budget for paid advertising. “When Razer was around USD 1 million in revenue, I had to leverage on all kinds of marketing channels, but I can’t afford to buy Google ads or TV ads,” Tan said. “So the only way is word-of-mouth.”

Because of its success at word-of-mouth marketing—and its large online audience—Razer has been able to grow its total revenue from 2013’s USD 35 million to an estimated USD 392.8 million in 2017, according to a report by market research group Statista.

One thing that helped Razer gain its loyal following is a suite of software tools called “Razer Cortex,” which allows gamers to record their group play on games like Overwatch and Fortnite.

“Overwatch is a very team-focused game, so if you can record your kills with your teammates, it’s priceless marketing,” Tan said. “It helps us build the community.”

The Cortex software suite was built in HTML5—which means that it doesn’t require any downloads or plugins to run. Razer also built Cortex as a tool for other companies, which means that it can be used to promote other games as well.

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