How John Reitenour Continues to Positively Influence IOA through Its Sports Partners Division

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IOA has been covering risks for its customers within many industries for more than a decade. For example, the insurance company has provided customized partnerships and coverage for different sports teams and their athletes. IOA also continues to create strong partnerships through their Sports Partners Division.

Insurance Office of America debuted in 1988, and it is the brainchild of John Ritenour, who, despite stepping down as CEO of the company, continues to provide support. Heath Ritenour took over as CEO of IOA in 2008, and in 2019, he became the Chairman. This strong partnership between father and son has been why IOA continues to receive recognition in the insurance industry. According to Heath, offering insurance coverage to sports teams, especially football, is quite complicated. He adds that you should know and understand your team as an insurance professional to maintain great coverage.

As an insurance agent, Heath Ritenour says you should work hard to mitigate risks for customers by paying attention to potential blind spots and pitfalls. An insurance agent’s job is to educate the sports team about their policies, and if they want full coverage, they should choose a policy that allows such broad coverage. Some common issues affecting sports teams include the COVID-19 pandemic, terrorism threats, and concussions. Since John Ritenour founded IOA more than a decade ago, the insurance company has worked with USA Triathlon, the Olympic Broadcasting Network, and other racing teams. Currently, they offer their services to Jackson Jaguars of NFL, Orlando Magic of NBA, Washington Capitals of NHL, and Washington Wizards of NBA.

Heath Ritenour believes that using the right insurances could help sports teams recover from any disaster. Signing up for the wrong policy leaves large gaps that could cost these teams millions of dollars. Although John Ritenour started the Insurance Office of America, his partnership with Heath Ritenour has been the strong force behind the success of the IOA Sports Division. Thanks to John, agents at IOA have their business books, they respect their clients, and the commissions offered to clients remain unchanged.

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