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If you’ve ever had trouble falling asleep, or you just want to learn more about how sleep works — all in order to improve your slumber — then you need The Sleep Sherpa. This blog has hundreds of articles on the subject of sleep, from the very basics and general advice to hormone regulation and DIY sleep remedies. It also includes information about what happens when we don’t get enough shut-eye, as well as guides on how to train your brain for a good night’s rest. Sleep Sherpa is supported by Amazon Affiliate advertisements, so all you have to do is read what you like.

As a sleep scientist and sleep blogger, Tom Hildebrandt has extensive knowledge of his subject matter. He has been featured on many blogs and podcasts, including the Sleep Science Podcast, where he talks about the reasons why we sleep and how to improve our quality of rest — even when our days are packed with tasks. He’s also a member of the National Sleep Foundation and a founding scientific advisor for the benefits of coffee.

As of December 2014, The Sleep Sherpa has 70,000 Facebook likes and is the best-known source for information about sleep issues online (including hormone regulation). In 2015 it had over 20 million page views.

What makes this blog so popular? It could be Sleep Sherpa’s approachable writing style, which is full of humor. Also, many of the articles include personal anecdotes from Tom Hildebrandt’s own experiences. And finally, there’s a lot of valuable (sometimes even life-saving) information here.

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