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Peter Vitale of Michigan on Steps to Take In the Case Of Car Break-Ins

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When you have a car, you mostly think of the convenience you get when commuting. It is seldom for one to have negative thoughts relating to car break-ins. However, this is a possibility that can happen, and it’s good to take the proper steps before such occurrences. For a start, covering your car against any break-ins or theft is an excellent way to start. As such, you never have to worry about breaking the bank to repair your car and replace the stolen items.

Peter Vitale of Michigan advises car owners to go for comprehensive coverage for their cars during the package. He says that, unlike the basic coverage, comprehensive coverage can insure your car against theft, break-ins, and damages from natural occurrences, including hail storms.

Peter Vitale of Michigan further states that most people never know what steps to take if their cars have been broken into. Most car owners enter panic mode and get stressed up. However, for your insurance claim to be eligible, there are several steps one should follow, and he mentions a couple of steps.

Peter Vitale of Michigan says that when you experience a car break-in, the first thing you should do is to document as much as you can. One way you can achieve this is by taking photos of the car, including the damages. You also need to check inside the car and do an inventory of what is missing, and put down a list that you will present to the insurance company.

Also, you need to file a report at the nearest police station. In this case, you may need to present several items, including your driver’s license, the photos of vehicle damage, the stolen inventory list, vehicle registration proof, and your insurance ID. Peter Vitale of Michigan then says that you can finish by filing for an auto insurance claim. He says that you will need your insurance ID, your inventory of stolen goods, and the police report you filed for this step. Peter Vitale of Michigan on Steps to Take In the Case Of Car Break-Ins

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