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QNET Directs Its Efforts On Building The Global Socio-Economic Status

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QNET is a prominent company doing online direct selling. Direct selling, where QNET is a leading player, can be conducted in three ways: Single-Level Marketing, Party Plan Marketing, and Multi-Level Marketing. The seller using SLM focuses on creating a steady client base rather than a direct selling team since he or she eyes a specific geographical area. The disadvantage with this method is that it is effective in a small area since referrals and word-of-mouth are the only forms of marketing.

Under PPM, your product will reach many people since the parties’ participants will create awareness of your products to their circles, who will also inform their circles, thus expanding the customer base. MLM, practiced by most direct selling companies, including QNET, involves companies sponsoring influencers to market their goods and services. MLM is not only cost-friendly, but it also ensures other people have a constant flow of income, hence aligning with the organization’s mission, RHYTHM (Raise Yourself To Help Mankind).

The company forgets not of its vision and has thus worked hard to denominate the global direct selling industry. QNET is a big organization holding a good percentage of the Indian economy during the pandemic by availing a method through which the Jobless Indians get a constant flow of income. It has thus experienced an influx of new sellers in 2020 than any other years, translating to vast growth.

This prompted FICC and KPMG to conduct a joint report that predicts that by 2025, the Indian direct selling sector might be at INR 64 500 Crore. If this is attained, around two crore Indians will have permanent self-employment, thanks to QNET and other direct selling organizations. Since the company deals with multiple goods and services, it admits companies from different industries. QNET is unique in its operations, for it works hard to get more revenue to change numerous lives across the world. It gives overwhelming support to any organization whose causes match its areas of focus. Refer to this video on YouTube, for related information.


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