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Tom S Chang MD: Routine Dilation No Longer Necessary in Eyecare

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The Acuity Eye Group 360 Advanced Vision Center is revolutionizing eyecare. Ophthalmologist, Tom S Chang MD, is implementing new technology that makes eye care more comfortable, comprehensive, and accessible to patients who need it. Many people are not getting proper eye care because of the inconvenience. Besides the time commitment involved, Tom S Chang MD explains, the process is often uncomfortable as well. Dilation has previously been routine practice for eye exams. After eye drops are administered, the patient must wait until the eyes have dilated. 


After the exam, it may take several hours for dilation to wear off. No wonder people put off regular visits for vision screening. New technology is eliminating these obstacles and providing unprecedented access to the innermost portions of the eye. Dr. Tom Chang’s new method using this technology does not require dilation at all (Caredash). 

Furthermore, appointments do not need to be scheduled ahead of time since the exam only takes 30 minutes. This is especially good news since regular visits are critical to eye health Tom S Chang MD explains. Conditions such as diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma and cataracts are easily diagnosed by these comprehensive screenings. Especially for conditions such as macular degeneration, early detection is crucial. The earlier a diagnosis is made, the more effective treatment can be. This comprehensive vision care is empowering Ophthalmologists to change the lives of countless patients.