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Georgette Mulheir: Defending Haitian Democracy

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When it comes to the transformation of the systems we utilize for the protection of children around the world, one name that will never cease to come up regarding the matter is Georgette Mulheir. She has assisted in 33 different countries over the past 30 years, while training over 50,000 professionals from over 70 companies as well. Georgette Mulheir also played a major role in raising global awareness on the institutionalisation of children in orphanages around the world. Her tireless work also includes developing a system in Sedan, saving the babies abandoned by their mothers out of fear of Sharia Law while under the Bashir regime. 


Working as a global strategic advisor, she then founded a human rights organization known today as Defend Haiti’s Democracy. Haiti is currently undergoing what should be considered a severe political crisis. It is generally believed by their citizens that their president’s term came to an end this past February, Georgette Mulheir explained. Without an operating parliament, there are fears that Haiti is falling back into a dictatorship. The de facto president is attempting to rewrite their constitution, while allowing the state to be complicit with gangs targeting government opposing communities. 


The actions of these aforementioned gangs, including kidnappings and murders, are considered the equivalent to what is known as crimes against humanity. Defend Haiti’s democracy calls for pressure to be put on Haitian authorities to bring the gangs in question to justice. They also believe that a peaceful transition of power has to take place in order to restore democracy to the Haitian people, and that the violence, poverty, and lack of justice needs to be addressed to rebuild trust among the citizens of Haiti. The organization under Georgette Mulheir´s leadership is calling on Congress and the Biden administration to make a new foreign policy to raise global awareness, and assist in a peaceful democratic transition of power.

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